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I spent my childhood in the small rural town of Woodstock, Connecticut with its picturesque farms and landscapes. Growing up I spent an enormous amount of time outdoors enjoying time with my family exploring the beauty of New England, specifically coastal Maine. I attended and graduated from both the University of Rhode Island with a Civil Engineering degree and a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Hartford.

While living in Rhode Island, I developed an interest for photography with the purchase of my first 35mm film camera, a Pentax with a starter lens that I've long forgotten its optical specifications. My initial reason for picking up a camera was primarily to take vacation photos. With the introduction of digital cameras, I became interested in the process of taking control of my camera, as well as, processing my photos with a computer. My affinity for electronic gadgets in the digital age suited my left-brain exploration of photography. After the purchase of my first DSLR a Nikon D80, I became more interested in the creative process of photography, thereby challenging my right brain. Along the way, I have taken many classes on photography at local community colleges, online courses, and hands-on 3-5 day workshops across the country.

Photography has grown into a serious hobby coupled with my love for being outdoors. As an outdoor enthusiast, I enjoy a full range of outdoor activities such as hiking and being a serious recreational cyclist enjoying both road and mountain biking. I enjoy traveling domestically and exploring new places such as amazing National and State Parks, as well as traveling internationally to explore the historic and cultural diversity of European cities, which provides plenty of opportunities to capture landscape and travel photography.

I love photography as it allows me to share with others the beauty that I see exploring the world. My photography allows me to be outdoors which provides a creative outlet that fuels my personal happiness. It also allows me to lose a sense of time, be present in the moment, and not be distracted by the everyday details of life. I enjoy the excitement of pushing the shutter button, uploading the images, and watching the photos come to life. I add my artist style to render each image as they naturally appear, to enhance the light and composition in order to assist the viewer with not only the image, but to capture the feeling it imparted on me.

I live full time in Connecticut, and part time in Arizona with my wife, Shawn and I have the best of both worlds being in the Northeast and Southwest. I hope you enjoy my pictures that showcase the beauty that surrounds us in this world.


Alan Pelletier

"Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive, and even spiritual satisfaction." E.O. Wilson

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